To contact an Officer you have 3 choices, you can:
Choice 1: leave a voicemail by calling 856-299-0056, follow the prompts. When it ask you to put in the extension, use the list below for the Officer you need to reach.
Choice 2: Find the Officers name and email him/her with any questions
Choice 3: Stop at the Department, Located at 1 State Street, Penns Grove NJ 08069

OfficerVoicemail ExtensionEmail Addresses
Sgt. Joseph Schultz405[email protected]
Sgt. John Boucher406[email protected]
Sgt. Joseph Johnson407[email protected]
Sgt. Anthony Minguez408[email protected]
Ptl. Christopher Hemple409[email protected]
Ptl. James Homan410[email protected]
Ptl. Travis Paul411[email protected]
Ptl. Paul Psensky413[email protected]
Ptl. Jon McElroy419[email protected]
Ptl. Nicholas Gagliardi424[email protected]
Ptl. Christian Acevedo425 [email protected]

To Contact Penns Grove Police Department Administration or Investigations
Call 856-299-0056 and follow the prompts or email to the listing below.

AdministrationExtensionEmail Address
Police Director Richard Rivera 104[email protected]
Robert Frett
117[email protected]
Police Clerk / Records
Tracy Thompson
122[email protected]


Det. Jesse Thorn114[email protected]
Det. Jon Hart115
[email protected]