For All Emergencies
Please Dial 911

1 State Street, Penns Grove NJ

Penns Grove Police Department
For All Emergencies Dial 911
1 State Street, Penns Grove NJ 08069

Non-Emergencies / Return Call Information: 856-299-0056

Immediate Officer Assistance:


Q. Where is the Penns Grove Police Department located?
A. The Penns Grove Police Department is located at 1 State Street, 1st Floor, Penns Grove NJ 08069 (link opens in new tab) to the rear of Borough Hall. Parking is available in the Historical Society Parking Lot across the street.

Q. What are the telephone numbers for the Police Department?
A. For non-emergencies and general information contact  856-299-0056. For emergencies dial 911. The Penns Grove Police Department fax number is 856-299-5611

Q. How can I get a copy of a police report?
A. Police reports can generally be obtained five to seven business days after the report has been requested through the Police Clerk. You can contact the Police Clerk at 856-299-0056 ext. 122 to request a copy of your report or to check if your report is ready.

Q. How can I pay a motor vehicle summons?
A. A motor vehicle summons can be paid at the Court Clerk’s office which is located upstairs (1 State Street, 2nd Floor, Penns Grove NJ 08069). Payments may also be made online at

Q. Where is Municipal Court held?
A. Municipal Court is held on the second floor of Borough Hall at 1 State Street Penns Grove NJ 08069. Court dates are generally held on the second and fourth Friday of each month at 1:30 p.m.

Q. How do I obtain a handicapped parking permit?
A. Temporary Handicapped Parking Permits are obtained by going to the Police Department where you reside. You may also download the form from the State of New Jersey’s website (link opens in new window). One side of the appication is filled out by the applicant and the other side by their doctor.

The application is then returned to the department with a  check or money order for $4.00, made out to NJDMV. Once the application is approved by the Chief of Police, the Police Clerk will contact you to retrieve the temporary parking permit. 

The permit is TEMPORARY, therefore is good for a period of 6 months and can be renewed once. Permanent Handicapped Parking Permits or License Plates are obtained through the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Q. Can I get Finger Printed through the PG PD?
A. The Penns Grove Police Department will no longer fingerprint person for reasons other than criminal arrest and volunteer fire persons.

If you are needing to be fingerprinted for any other reason than what is listed above, we suggest you 1st visit the New Jersey State Police web site at  to locate the link for the appropriate forms pertaining to fingerprinting for reasons, i.e.: immigration/ Visa, expunge a record, employment (also referred to as a criminal history report), etc.

Once you find the appropriate form, you then need to contract the New Jersey State Police Contracted vendor, IdentoGo. You can schedule an appointment and answer many questions by visiting their website at: