The Safe Way to Dispose of unneccessary prescriptions or medications

Thanks to Inspira Health Network, Penns Grove Police Department is able to offer the newest, safest, easiest way to dispose of un-wanted / un-used/ expired prescriptions or medications for FREE.

It’s very simple, Inspira Health Network has generously donated “DETERRA” bags.  These bags will safely and easily dispose of almost any type of medication/prescription that is no longer wanted or needed.   DETERRA bags deactivates drugs effectively, safely and quickly.  

Follow the simple instructions on the back of the bag and simply throw the bag in the trash.  It will not contaminate ANYTHING. Once absorbed into the ingredients in the DETERRA bag the medication will longer not be viable for use of any kind.  

Contact Penns Grove Police Department at 856-299-0056 and ask for more information / a demonstration or for a FREE bag(s) of the DETERRA.

To learn more watch the video below.